Takeaways from the DCC Workshop on Supporting Open Research in H2020

1. It’s possible to be in the ORD pilot and not open any data
2. Helps to re-frame ORD Pilot as ‘Data Management Pilot’
3. Blogpost on opportunity costs to Open Science:   http://brunalab.org/blog/2014/09/04/the-opportunity-cost-of-my-openscience-was-35-hours-690/
4. Contact your H2020 national contact point for guidance and practical information
5. Interesting view on depositing in multiple locations: a single location may not provide all that is needed
6. Use re3data.org for finding a repository. Be aware of the differences regarding use of persistent identifiers (DOIs) or repository certification.
7. Using the H2020 DMP compliance rubric can be helpful for reviewers.
8. It’s not clear yet how the EC is evaluating the DMPs and the FAIR principles, it’s a learning process.
9. LCRDM is looking into the feasibility of DMPOnline for Dutch universities. Marjan Grootveld is member of this subgroup. Should RDS be part of this?
10.Monitoring functionality in DMPOnline is limited. Will be extended in future.

All of the presentation slides are now available via the DCC website: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/workshops/supporting-open-research-horizon-2020

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