TU Delft’s First Genomics Data Carpentry

Raúl teaching the participants about data wrangling and processing on the second day.

On the 4th and 5th of June 2019, a Genomics Data Carpentry took place at TU Delft for Early Career Researchers at the Faculties of Applied Sciences and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science.This workshop was organised by the Data Champions Raúl A. Ortiz Merino and Marcel van den Broek, with the support of the Data Stewards and Paula Martinez Lavanchy from 4TU.ResearchData. Helpers were Mario Beck, Kees den Heijer, Nicolas Dintzner and Barbara Vreede (Utrecht University).

Participants gave feedback using blue post-its to indicate what could be improved and yellow post-its to let us know what they liked about the Data Carpentry.

The 21 participants used their own laptops and learned about project organization for genomics from Esther, cloud genomics from Santosh, and shell for genomics and data wrangling and processing by both Raúl and Marcel (see also the programme of the workshop on GitHub). No prior knowledge of the tools that were used during the workshop was required. Collaborative notes were taken using Etherpad. PhD’s were able to get credits for following the course.

Future Carpentry Workshops

The next software carpentry will take place on the 8-9th of July. The Data Stewards can also be contacted to organise smaller sessions to support beginners with their code/software, or you can join one of our Coding Lunch and Data Crunch walk in consultation sessions where we can also support you with more advanced problems. The next one is on the 27th of June (12:00 – 14:00, IDE, Studio 23/24).


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