Vision for Research Data Management Training at TU Delft

TU Delft is delighted to publish its Vision for Research Data and Software Management Training.

(From February 2019 Workshop On Managing Qualitative Data)

The document focuses on responding to the skills needed by PhD students and early career researchers regarding research data and software management. While the focus is on TU Delft, we recognise the need to work with others to make this fully successful (for example, 4TU.ResearchData membership of the Carpentries)

Seven Principles

1. Where possible, data and software management training should be built upon the existing generic and faculty-specific courses

2. But new courses are also necessary to deal with the fast changing demand in research data

3. Building and delivering such training must be a collaborative effort between faculties (researchers and support staff), the library, graduate school and other university services. Engaging with organisations outwith TU Delft will also be vital to make training resources sustainable.

4. In order to successfully implement this vision, researchers should receive the proper incentives to take part and contribute to the training.

5. The library and graduate schools should continuously engage in consultation processes with PhD students and researchers (including PhD supervisors), and used the feedback to iteratively improve and update the content

6. All material produced for the courses described in this vision will be published and made available under a Creative Commons – Attribution License (CC-BY 4.0)

7. All newly developed courses will be accompanied by clear learning objectives, a lesson plan and a description of the methods selected for the training

The content


In the diagram, each separate rectangle is a course that TU Delft wishes to create or is already teaching.

The courses on the lower rungs are more generic and run on a regular basis, with TU Delft library playing a leading role

The courses higher up are more specific. Here the library coordinates but the input comes from researchers with specific interest in the topic.

The Carpentries are a key part of this. Their model for building and sustaining course lessons is ideal to develop training lessons that are flexible, scalable and long-lasting.

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