Data Champions Get Together – 5 March 2020


On Thursday 5 March 2020 we had the first meeting of TU Delft Data Champions this year.

What happened?

A lot! In 2hours we managed to squeeze in:

  • 4 diverse talks (note! each talk was max. 10 min, in order to allow the same time for discussions and Q&A):
  • Open Science pub quiz Intermezzo – we had lots of fun thanks to our quiz master Femke van Giessen
  • Launch of the book by our internship student Connie Clare: “The Real World of Research Data” containing:
    • Interviews with 16 of our Data Champions
    • A 6-step recipe for other institutions who wish to start Data Champions communities

In summary, lots of discussions, enthusiasm, practice exchange… and fun! And as always, we concluded with networking drinks and snacks.

What’s next?

The next get together of our Data Champions community will be in September this year. But meantime, there will be numerous events and smaller meetings (also at discipline- and community-level), so keep an eye on the announcements in the monthly newsletter.

Meantime, consider joining the TU Delft Data Champions community.


All presentations are of course shared openly on Zenodo:

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