You Do Not Need a Crisis to Start Data Management

Image by Geralt from Pixabay

Authors/contributors: Yan Wang, Heather Andrews

What happened?

Over the past months, we have seen so many initiatives in response to the global pandemic COVID-19. TU Delft Data Stewards team has also been asked by different teams and organizations for expertise in providing recommendations on data management. It is quite evident that there has been increasing demand on data management guidance during the crisis, with respect to processing sensitive data, using it in an effective and efficient way, and sharing it in a multi-stakeholder environment. 

What we did?

We (data stewards) strongly feel that good data management is not only crucial for timely response to the COVID-19 crisis, but also a general necessary practice for responsible and trustworthy organizations and policy decisions. 

Therefore we created this Data Management Concept Note to highlight the rationale, the main points to be considered for effective data management, and suggested sensible approaches for organizational implementations. 

Who should read it?

Any individual, group or organization, whose work involves operations with large or small volumes of data, software or other types of information, should read this concept note. It introduces clear and instructive steps to check key data management issues in every stage of data handling, such as collecting, processing, storing, analysing or disseminating. This general guide can be used to assess current awareness and available practices, and serves as the starting point to further develop institutional-specific data management strategy, policy and workflow.

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