Looking back at 2022: RDS achievements

Authors: Maribel Barrera, Ashley Cryan, Cecile van Heukelom, Paula Martinez Lavanchy, Iulia Popescu, Madeleine de Smaele, Maaike Smit, Marta Teperek, Carlos Utrilla Guerrero, Yan Wang, Aleksandra Wilczynska

The year 2022 has been one of great achievements for the RDS team. Apart from the running existing services and business-as-usual activities, here’s an outline of our successes and accomplishments over the last year:

Research Data Services


  • Development of a course on working with personal research data 
  • Successful business case for addressing the demand of RDM101 courses for PhD candidates
  • Lookout for 2023:
    • Development of a course on data/software management for supervisors
    • Hiring three more trainers to address the demand for RDM101 training and to further work on the implementation of the Vision for Training

People responsible for this work:

  • Paula Martinez Lavanchy – leading these activities
  • Carlos Utrilla Guerrero (and before Eirini Zormpa) and Maribel Barrera, who helped develop and deliver the training vision
  • Course on Personal Data Human subjects in research Nicolas Dintzner (Data steward – Faculty Technology, Management and Policy), Santosh Ilamparuthi (Data steward – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science), Cath Cotton (Policy Adviser TU Delft – Office Executive Board), Ingeborg Ahlers (Privacy Officer – TU Delft – Privacy Team), all participants in the feedback pilot (incl. data stewards, researchers and support staff)All those that contributed in preparing the training business case: Faculty data stewards, central graduate school, Marta Teperek, Alastair Dunning, Anke Versteeg, Nicole Will, Emmy Tsang, Pim van Schöll  from TU Delft Library and Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter and Julie Beardsell from ICT innovation. 
  • Maaike Smit who helped organise training and workshops

Data stewardship

  • Further growth of the data stewards team (a few faculties are now in the process of hiring/considering hiring) additional data stewards!
  • Successful adoption of the new ‘Data Steward’ UFO profile
  • Lookout for 2023:
    • Development of disciplinary guidelines for data management
    • Hiring a central data steward to strengthen the capacity of central coordination and support for data stewardship

People responsible for this work:

  • Yan Wang, leading these activities
  • Lies de Coninck, who helped with the assessment and implementation of the Data Steward UFO profile
  • Anke Versteeg, Amber Leeuwenburg, Andre Groenhof, Chantal Brokerhof, Myrthe van Nus, who helped with adopting the Data Steward UFO profile
  • Data Stewards Heather Andrews, Yasemin Turkilmas-van der Velden, Lora Armstrong, Nicolas Dintzner, Jeff Love, Esther Plomp, Diana Popa, Santosh Ilamparuthi, Arthur Newton, who contributed to the TUD Data Stewards task overview, part of the Data UFO profile assessment

Digital Competence Centre (DCC)

  • Development of a sustainability plan for the DCC based on successful engagement in long-term projects with the research community
  • Publication of the interactive DCC Dashboard which displays the DCC projects completed since 2019 and those currently in progress
  • Completion of 37 hands-on data and software projects with over 3350 hours spent in collaboration with research groups across at TU Delft
  • Tremendous success (and additional funding!) for the TU Delft R café initiative!
  • Lookout for 2023:
    • Evaluation of the UFO profiles of data managers and RSEs
    • Hiring two additional data managers to increase the capacity of the DCC

People responsible for this work:

  • Ashley Cryan and Aleksandra Wilczynska, who led data management aspects of the DCC team work and also initiated and are leading the R café initiative
  • Julie Beardsell, Coordinator of the DCC team and leading the development of sustainability plans
  • Other DCC members: Niket Agrawal,  Manuel Garcia Alvarez, Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter, Maurits Kok, Dennis Palagin, Jose Urra Llanusa 

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