Category: Highlights

Behind the Scenes Update for 4TU.ResearchData

Our archive has had a behind the scenes update just in time for Christmas.

  • Upgrade from Django 1.8 to Django 1.11.7
  • Upgrade of Solr 4.6 to Solr 6.6 (docker)
  • Automatic registration and extensions of certificates for Development, Test and Acceptance servers
  • Catalogs for openDAP can now be configured on the server, rather than via provisioning
  • Bug fixes: visibility of moderator feedback is modified; unclear feedback for creating and activating accounts have been modified

Highlights in March 2017

  1. Two Liber webinars of ‘Are the FAIR Data Principles Fair‘? (over 150 attendees)
  2. 154 datasets relating to IDRA radar measurements and 7 other new Datasets
  3. Another course of Essentials 4 Data Support was completed
  4. Interviews took place for Data Steward Coordinator and Research Data Officer
  5. The Data Paper and Refinement Funds were launched
  6. The Learn RDM document on Advocacy for Research Data at TU Delft  was published

Highlights for February 2017

  1. The presentation “Are the FAIR principles FAIR?” was given at the International Digital Curation Conference in Edinburgh (over 100 attendees in the room). The presentation, paper and data are all available via this blog
  2. The team won a prize for one of the best posters at the IDCC conference, Keeping the Wheels Turning @ TU Delft
  3. 11 new datasets were added, including Seabird Reproduction and Diet and, from the University of Twente, Inelastic non-Newtonian flow over heterogeneously slippery surfaces

Highlights for January 2017

  1. Data from the Zandmotor project has been uploaded in bulk to 4TU.Reserach Data.  This has involved 16 new datasets; in total there have been 28 new datasets in January.
  1. We finished our paper “Are the Fair Principles Fair?” based on analysis of 37 data repositories in the Netherlands. This will be presented at the International Data Conference conference in Edinburgh
  1. The adverts for two new staff are out and close next week; adverts for data stewards at faculties will be out in February
  1.  The expertise of 4TU.ResearchData continues to be sought. We had a visit from data experts at Radboud University; the University of Leiden are coming in March and we also have a discussion with technical universities in Denmark in February