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Update on Vacancy: Community Manager Open Science

We received 53 applications for the post of Community Manager Open Science. Any late applications are not being accepted.

Applications are being reviewed by the selection committee in the week 20-24 April. Candidates who we wish to select for interview will be informed in the last week of April, or the first week of May.

We will hold Skype interviews for between 3 and 6 candidates in May.

Information for Applicants for Research Data Officer Post

We received around 55 applications for the Research Data Officer role (some people appear to have applied twice!)

Our planned timetable is below. Note this is likely to change due to available during summer holiday period.

  1. Read Applications and Inform Candidates: by 3rd August

6 or 7 to be selected for interview

  1. Job Interviews (First Round): 14th August (by Skype if necessary; because of summer holidays this might need some flexibility)

2 to 4 to be selected for second round

  1. Job Interviews (Second Round): Morning of 28th August (at TU Delft; as above flexibility may be required)



We are hiring (again!) – Data Steward position at TU Delft


We have an exciting job opening for a Data Steward at TU Delft at the Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment and the Faculty of Industrial Design (joint appointment):

  • Closing date: 15 March 2018
  • Salary: up to € 4084/month
  • We are looking for individuals enthusiastic about data management and who have a PhD degree in the relevant subject area (or equivalent experience).

This is a great chance to join the dynamically growing team of Data Stewards at TU Delft and to contribute to a cultural change in research data management in a disciplinary manner. The job is really about inspiring the research community and improving day to day practices, and not about policy compliance.

All informal inquiries can be directed to me:

5 Data Steward Positions


Update 2018/02/23

We managed to recruit Data Stewards for the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering.

The position at the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment and the Faculty of Industrial Design is now re-advertised.

Update – 2017/11/20

Applications for the Data Steward positions closed on 19 November. We received 33 applications.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews w/c 20 November 2017.

Five TU Delft Faculties are looking to appoint Data Stewards

  • Architecture & the Built Environment
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Technology, Policy & Management
  • Applied Sciences
  • Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering

Applicants are asked to specify at which Faculty they would like to work and to justify their choice.

Some key information

  • Data Steward job will ideally suit a researcher interested in data management issues and who is looking for a job outside of academia.
  • The positions are part-time, but applicants are welcome to apply for more than one post to make it a full-time job (the indicated salary will be of course doubled with a full-time appointment).
    • To apply for more than 1 post, you simply need to indicate this, as well as the Faculties for which you would like to be considered, in your application (no need to send your application several times)
  • Knowledge of Dutch is not necessary.
  • For informal inquiries contact Marta Teperek, the Data Stewardship Coordinator.
  • To find out more about Data Stewardship project at TU Delft, have a look at our previous blog post.

Interview Dates

There will be two rounds of interviews and these are:

  • For those applying for a position at the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, Industrial Design Engineering and/or Technology, Policy & Management:
    • First round of interviews: Wednesday 6/12/2017
    • Second round of interviews: Wednesday 13/12/2017
  • For those applying for a position at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and/or
    Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering:

    • First round of interviews: Wednesday 29/11/2017
    • Second round of interviews: Friday 15/12/2017

Update on Research Data vacancies at TU Delft

We recently advertised for two positions at TU Delft

  • We received 53 applications for the role of Research Data Officer
  • We received 12 applications for the role of Data Stewardship Coordinator

The interview committees will meet to make a shortlist in the week beginning 27th February. Interviews are likely to take place in the week of 20th March