The Third TU Delft Data Champions meeting

Authors in alphabetical order: Nicolas Dintzer, Esther Plomp, Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden

On the 3rd of September, we had our third Data Champion meeting. Following the Data Conversations at Lancaster University, we decided to make the meeting open (within and outside TU Delft) for anyone interested. This way, we aimed the inspiring stories of our Data Champions to reach to a wider audience.

For blog posts summarizing the previous meetings: first meeting, second meeting

The meeting started with an introductory presentation by Yasemin (Data Steward of 3mE and the Data Champion Community Manager). This was followed by the talk of our intern Connie Clare titled as “Reward and Recognition for Data Champions: A summary of my internship interviewing Data Champions at TU Delft”. During her internship Connie has written a seminar report, nine interviews that she carried out with the Data Champions, a toolkit to help other institutions build their community of Data Champions and contributed to the ‘Engaging researchers with research data management: The Cookbook’. All her work can be found under the dedicated tab for Data Champions in our open working blog.

After Connie, CiTG Data Champion Sian Jones gave a talk titled “An Introduction to Electronic Lab Notebooks” and shared her experiences in selecting and working with them. This fuelled a discussion about their potential and limitations as well as the challenges of their deployment in a group. Sian is a strong advocate for Electronic Lab Notebooks. To find out why, please check her interview with Connie – Keep calm and go paperless: Electronic lab notebooks can improve your research.

Then IDE Data Champion José Carlos Urra Llanusa gave a talk titled “Why is Open Source critical for Universities Today?”. During his talk, he guided us through the story of Open Source, which he has put together in an openly available book which can be found here. Following his presentation, we reflected on the potential Open Source models, and the ethical implications of Open Hardware. To learn more about open hardware please check his interview with Connie – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle knowledge: How open hardware can help to build a more sustainable future

After José, 3mE Data Champion Joost de Winter gave a talk titled “Benefits of sharing and collaboration within a research group”. Joost de Winter is a strong advocate for Research Reproducibility and Replication (blog post about his talk on the topic) and has taken  steps to promote Open Science within his own research team. During his talk, he explained how his research group contributes to Open Science and highlighted the contributions of his team members, such as his postdoc Pavlo Bazilinskyy (another 3mE Data Champion) who was also present in the meeting. We discussed the tools used by Joost and the possible application of his approach to other groups. To learn more about the story of Joost de Winter and Pavlo Bazilinskyy, please check their interview with Connie – Switch gear! Drive the uptake of Open Science within your research team.

This was followed by the closing remarks of our Vice-Rector Magnificus and Vice President of Education of the Executive Board, Prof. Rob Mudde. Rob Mudde has followed the whole meeting with great interest, and commented in great detail on the presentations of the Data Champions. According to Rob Mudde, our next Data Champion meeting should be held for an even greater audience and deserves to take place in a larger room, such as the Aula, the Conference Center of TU Delft. 

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